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Author Alice Manica on bench Salo

In the 1970s, on a backpacking adventure to Europe, Alma discovers her cousins in her grandfather's hometown in northern Italy near Lake Garda. As Alma bonds with Gianna, Catrina, Novella, Veronica and Kara, the girls become lasting friends, sharing their joys and sorrows with each other on their journey through life. Over 45 years, passing into adulthood and through middle age, their friendship sustains them. While sharing their cultures and testing the limits of their endurance, they experience life's lessons along the way. As Alma travels on her journey of discovery, she learns the meaning of family, friendship, love, courage and survival. In the process, she not only finds her heritage, but ultimately finds herself. Finding Alma is an Italian book and takes place in Italy. It's a Fictional book and is a great read for those who enjoy traveling. 

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