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July 2023  Where has the time gone since Covid changed life as we knew it? So much has happened in the world of Finding Alma in the past 2 years, starting with the completed script for a feature film titled Finding Famiglia, inspired by Finding Alma book. Many of the characters as well as some storylines have transitioned into a beautiful female empowerment, coming of age film script that has attracted the attention of a reputable Los Angeles Producer and Director. Development has been completed and now the next phase is to begin fundraising to start pre production. Before we recruit investors we need to raise some seed money to begin location searches and attaching talent. This fundraiser will happen on a platform called Seed&Spark, to be launched next month. Also please look for the soon to be launched website titled and follow the latest news and updates of this exciting project. Notification will be posted here when the new website goes live.

2021 As Covid vaccines become more available, hopefully life as we remember it is starting to return. During the the first half of the year I have begun the project of adapting Finding Alma into a Screenplay. It has been and exciting yet daunting project and is the first of many baby steps in bringing this dream to reality. I have been blessed to find a wonderful and capable teacher and mentor in Diane Bell, a experienced screenwriter and director. I have enjoyed the process of writing a screenplay and have enjoyed connecting with a supportive community of writers and actors from across the globe. I will certainly update this site as this project continues.
2020 After a long absence and enduring the Covid pandemic, lock downs and isolating from family and friends, we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. One of the positive things that I have experienced through these months is the Zoom phenomenon which has kept us connected and made the world smaller indeed. It has certainly helped pass the long quiet days. I have started to feel the stirrings of creating more writing projects and will keep this site updated.
March 2018 After some time, research and planning, I am happy to finally announce that I will be presenting a Reading and Signing for Finding Alma on March 16, 2pm at the Port Charlotte Mid-County Regional Library at 2050 Forrest Nelson Blvd, P C, FL. This library is a comfortable venue and the staff has been most accommodating and helpful. I Would love to meet you all to hear your comments about my book or encourage you to read about Alma's journey to Europe. This will be a friendly informal event and I hope to see old friends and meet new ones. 

  December 2017 To celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of publication, I am discounting the paperback and Kindle versions of Finding Alma:An Italian Journey for the month of Dec. This is a great chance to shop for a holiday gift for friends or family. The book makes a nice stocking stuffer or hostess gift when attending a holiday party or for "Secret Santa" gifts. Paperback price now $11.99, Kindle price $6.99.
  Nov, 2017  It's hard for me to believe that it is approaching 1 year since Finding Alma: An Italian Journey was first published. I am very appreciative to so many readers and Facebook page followers for their compliments and comments. I apologize for the infrequent updates here on my part. All I can say is that life has a way of throwing in distractions such as health issues and life transitions along the way when we least expect them. During 2017 I was happy to take part in book signings, hobby shows and book club events that all offered a warm reception to Finding Alma. In 2018 I plan to be more active on this site and will list upcoming events. These will be held during the winter months in south west Florida and in Massachusetts during the following months. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season or as we say in Italy, Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! Ciao
Jan, 2017 As promised, Finding Alma - An Italian Journey is now available for Ebook versions. Go to Barnes and Noble for Nook devices. Go to for Kindle devices. Cost is $9.99. The ebook versions are also available on itunes and Google accounts as well. I am happy to report that favorable reviews are also starting to show up on Amazon as well. As a reminder, the best outlet for ordering the print paperback copy is still
Dec, 2016 Happy to announce that Finding Alma-An Italian Journey is now available for order at This link will take readers directly to the page to order online from the Createspace store. Ebook version for Kindle and Nook will be available soon.
  Nov, 2016 I am very pleased to announce that the book is in the very last stages of coming together and should be published by early Dec. I am happy to say that my friend Mary Wilson, an author in her own right,  has written the Forward to the book.
  October 2016 The past few weeks have been busy and filled with anticipation for a publication date. I am learning so much in the process as I make decisions and consult with my Editor and my Book Designer. Decisions about fonts, colors, photos, formatting, printing, publicity and many other details have been a major part of the process to complete this project. I am fortunate to have found talented and competent professionals to guide my every step. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of the process.


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